24 November 2015

By Ehab

CERN wants you to visit dreams with your physical body

Dreams are alternate realities and parallel universes we visit with our consciousness. When we go to sleep, our conscious mind shuts down and our subconscious takes its place. This causes both Space and Time to be altered allowing you to visit other dimensions with your consciousness.

What CERN really is doing is creating a device called Dimension Machine that will be sold to the Public like computers after a decade from now. This Dimension Machine will allow you to travel to other alternate realms with your physical body instead of just your consciousness as the case of what happens in dreams which is real world - by the way - and not fiction. What you see in your dream is real and happens now as you see it even if it looks too fictitious. Your mind can't create new images or faces. And of course some destinations will be dangerous to visit with your physical body, so a catalog of safe destinations will be given when you buy the machine. However, you can explore any dimension you want, but at your own risk.

CERN is now Microsoft in 1975. In a decade a new age of dimension travel will be available for all of us. A new age that will follow the Internet age. Just count 15 years from now.

And while you're waiting for it, enjoy and also wait for your every night's adventure where you can travel through dimensions and parallel universes with your consciousness and remember this life is also a dream, an alternate reality you chose to live it with this body you got now. Enjoy all your adventures!


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