24 November 2015

Photos of Adolf Hitler in Brazil in 1982


(Black &White)


The above photos are from a book called 'Hitler in Brazil - His Life and His Death' by Brazilian author Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias where she claims that an old man from a nearby village who died in 1984 was an incognito Hitler. He didn't actually have a Hitler moustache, she photoshopped that onto him to show the resemblance. Even the Daily Mail calls it a "bizarre theory". Her argument is based on the story that "an unidentified Polish nun recognised an elderly man due to have an op at a hospital in Cuiaba in the early eighties as Hitler and demanded he leave - but was reprimanded by a superior who claimed he was there on Vatican orders."

According to sensational claims contained in newly released FBI files, Adolf Hitler escaped by submarine to Argentina where he lived in a heavily guarded ranch at the end of the Second World War suffering from asthma and ulcers.  He fled to Paraguay, via Argentina, before settling in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, according to the book written by Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias

Hitler is said to have used the assumed name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the 12,000 locals in Nossa Senhora do Livramento as "the Old German". He is pictured two years before his death in 1984, posing happily with his black girlfriend Cutinga.


Brazilian author Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias

Adolf Hitler on his death bed. The photo is taken from the cover art of James Wood's book "The Irresponsible Self".


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