Two types of channeling.

By Sennari

As the problem of channeling is important, the webmaster of this site summarized it.

There are two types of channeling

① Ordinary channeling
② Special channeling

① Ordinary channeling is the one which we know well in the internet world.
This channeling info is got because the energy body of bad stars approach to the human bodies and occupy their heads.
When people are lost in meditation, those strong energy bodies intrude into people's heads and occupy them.
Therefore big voices resound in their heads.

There are too many who get this kind of channeling infos.
Those who get those infos don't know they are given by the bad stars like the Ruler's Stars.

Those channeling info mainly tells spirit theory and sound good at first glance, but there is no destination however long we may read them.
This kind of channeling info is the one in which I addicted previously because I didn't know the bad points of them.
As many seem to know well about ①, let me omit the further explanation.
The info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is the special channeling info of ②.
Even if we may say "special", how can we distinguish it from ordinary ones?
We can't distinguish from the word of 'channeling'.
Moreover there are only few that can do the channeling of ② in the world.
It may just possibly Miss Taeko Shiraki of Let's solve the enigma of the earth.
The signal of ② which is sent from the universe is too weak to receive by ordinary people.
Moreover the signal is not heard in the head as voices, but it makes the tongue of the recipient move.
Therefore the recipient of the signal has to translate the movement of the tongue into the words.
There are occasionally some who get the signal of ②.
However translation to words is too hard and recipient can't understand the story from the short signal .
Therefore Miss Taeko Shiraki may be the only woman who can get the long stories with the signals sent from the beings in the universe.
For example even if the blind person may be asked to describes the overall picture of the elephant, it is impossible to describe it with only the touch of one part of the elephant.
Therefore channeler of ② have to get the long signals to have the meaningful sentences.
The common channeling of ① convey only the spirit theory.
It is useless thing which is good for nothing, though it sounds good at first.
They sometimes say as follows.
If you believe this channeling info, you can escape the catastrophe.
But never to tell others as this info is only for you.
Maybe this is the characteristics which attract people by ①.
I also got that kind of channeling mail last May, which told the catastrophe would happen in last June but never to tell anyone about it because it was the secret info.
Moreover the mail told me many people would die in the catastrophe.
I waited June would be over but nothing happened.

The person who mailed me must have consented by being told through channeling the catastrophe was extended to the later days.

THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA info is given through the special channeling of ②.
Though the info got by channeling ① shows no evidence, channeling ② can show countless evidences on the earth.
One of the main info given by the beings in the universe is megalithic civilization.
The first thing that we have to pay attention is why the megalithic civilization has been left on the earth.

The megalithic, Tumulus of Isibutai (Stone stage) in Nara Prefecture, is famous in Japan.
People came to know there are countless megaliths all around the world.


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