My experience(hypnotherapy), The way to hypnotherapy

28 May 2005

To hypnotherapist No1

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

I have worked in two psychiatric hospitals.
Though I have experienced psychiatry at Red Cross Hospital scores of years ago when I was a nursing student, I felt relatively leisurely.
The first hospital was a newly built small one and it existed at the foot of the mountain.
It was surrounded by nature and it looked a very good one but I felt the incomparable sense of stagnation when I entered it.
When I saw the agony of patients, soon I felt there was the limit in the teaching of the textbooks.
I had felt various things in the elderly hospital for which I had worked until then and I thought the invisible world is related a lot to the patients' symptoms.
However it is the complete taboo in today's psychiatry to think patients' symptoms are related to the invisible world.
However I wanted to know about invisible world even a little, and I read books about Past Life Therapy at the library.
It was the book written by the doctor of psychiatry.
I was much moved to read it.

(I think it is meaningless to rely on Past Life Therapy now.
If looking out for is not done properly, patients are apt to cling to their past life only and the result of it is not actually good.
And depending on hypnotherapists, some are ruled by energy body and they are apt to have the opposite effect.
I think there were many whom I think very dangerous among classmates of hypnotherapist when I look back those days now.)

And I came to know that we can influence on subconsciousness to which we don't realize by conscious mind as there is the therapy called hypnotherapy.
If I can do it, I thought I might be able to rescue the people who has the incomparable anxiety, even a little.
The patients had to take much medicine each time.
However the hospital were not able to do anything except for giving medicine even though the patients might appeal the sense of insecurity .
After a while I received the direct mail which told "The training for hypnotherapist" after I had read the book.
However I couldn't help giving up attending the lecture as the lecture fee was very expensive.

After a few days when I was absent‐minded in the morning, a voice of a beautiful lady was heard suddenly.
The voice said, "The money which you deposited in the bank is yours."
I was surprised but I thought it was the maturity return of the insurance and said, "No, it's daughter's money."
Then I heard the voice again.
It said, "No, it's yours."
After a while the announcement about the maturity return of the fixed time deposit which I had forgotten came from the bank and the sum of money was just the same as the informed one which was announced by the voice of a lady.
As I started my work at psychiatry for the first time in the first hospital, I thought it couldn't be helped even though there were several points of discontent.
However I came to have the feeling of distrust to a part of the doctors who thought the nurse was nothing but the student nurse.
Therefore I applied for "The training of hypnotherapist" in which Ph.D Rinda, the vice-president of National Guild of Hypnotists guided directly.
The lecture was given by Ph.D Rinda who visited Japan from US once a month.
Therefore the concentrated lecture was one day and a half and half of the day(four hours) was the training to the clients.
It was the contents of a month.
It took half a year to finish all the course.
The contents of one lecture which I wrote down occupied about 80 % of the large‐sized notebook.
I felt very interesting when I heard the lecture which I got after a long time.
In case of the training we practiced the mesmerism to each other but my opponent returned to the childhood and began to cry though it was the first training of mesmerism to me.
Therefore I got confused and I asked the senior for the support.
Ph.D Rinda told it is important to exert influence on subconsciousness and she didn't put an emphasis on the past life too much.
According to my experience, there seems a very big difference in the past life by the therapists to induce.
After a few months when I started the training of hypnotherapy, NHK(Japanese government broadcasting station) came and told that it wanted to interview.
I was appointed for interviewing as I was a only member related to medicine among trainees.
Therefore I asked for the permission briefly to the hospital for which I was working.
The hospital director replied on the spot that I was able to answer the interview but the next day I was given the strict notification through the chief nurse that it was OK if I changed my face and voice.
In addition I was strictly told I should not talk about hypnotherapy and should not use mesmerism in the hospital at all.
I told what had been told in the hospital and the couple who had lost their child appeared on the TV screen.
I had to conceal the story of hypnotherapy more and more though I had not told it to the colleagues in the hospital.
However patients appealed the anxiety as before and I was not able to do anything except for giving the medicine on each occasion.
I had to give additional medicine even though patients had taken as much medicine as filled the palm after each meal.
I had been told strictly that I should give the medicine immediately when the patient appealed the sense of insecurity.
There was a patient who appealed the sense of insecurity too many times.
Therefore I dared to induce her to the relaxation therapy though I tried not to be known to other staffs.
Of course the relationship of mutual trust which is called repport is prerequisite when this method is employed.
But I thought rapport had been fulfilled owing to the development of an affairs until then.
I asked her lie in bed and take a deep breath slowly and induced her to imagine the desired scene about which she had heard until then.
The sense of insecurity vanished without taking medicine in a short time.
Then I taught her how to relax before she felt the sense of insecurity and how to keep the mental stability.
She came to keep calm gradually and was discharged from the hospital.
However it might be hard for her to live alone in the general public and she fell into the same state as before.
And two young women complained of insomnia at the same time in the large room when I was working at night.
Though I took medicine with me, one of them told she was not able to sleep well as she smelled the offensive smells of shit.
Therefore I let her relax and induced her to have the image of being in the rose garden.
Then she fell asleep in an instant.
Another woman insisted she wants to come home.
Therefore I also induced her to relax and let her keep the image in which she was back in her house.
Then she fell asleep soon.
The time of mesmerism was five minutes for both of them.
Though it so happened that she fell asleep immediately, there were cases in which no medicine was needed for the improvement of the symptoms.
However they were also the cases which I couldn't report in the hospital.
In the meantime I came to hear the rumors which told I was engaged in Regression Therapy.
However Regression Therapy can't be mesmerized so easily.
Much less to do it was impossible as there were many patients in the hospital room.
Thereafter the hospital director published the book which was the book about "The words collection of spirits by Silver Birch".
Therefore I showed to the patients the book about the collection of channeling whose contents, in short, told to take care of oneselves.
However I was put in a corner owing to my behavior and was to resign from the hospital .
Incidentally, the patient whom I was related got very healthy and she told she would hospitalize her daughter in that hospital and really made her hospitalized there.
However the way to put her in the hospital was the surprising one.
If such a way were opened to public, it would surprise everybody a lot even today.
Therefore I came to have a distrust more to the hospital.
However there were many patients who came to keep calm when I let them relax as they had strong feeling of distrust.
But only to give medicine immediately was attached importance on in that hospital.
And the relaxation was not acknowledged at all.
The hospital made the patients take medicine full of the palm compulsorily.
It made them take additional ones immediately when the patient complained of the more sense of insecurity.
One of the doctor contracted the obsessive compulsive disorder obviously and the situation in the hospital seemed to get harsher after I resigned the hospital.
* As the supervision was stricter, the staffs felt uptight and it was true there were unnecessarily erroneous administration of drugs.
It is also known by the train accident of Fukuchiyama line and the successive happening of every kind of accident shows the strict constriction brings about strain.
The more nervous people become, the more accidents are apt to take place.
It is nothing but the opposite effect .

*)hypnotherapy No 2
When I write hypnotherapy = hypnotic cure, some may imagine the stage-mesmerism which we often see on TV.
However it gives a false idea of hypnotherapy.
Because one's own will is very clear and the hypnotized persons understand the situation around them well.
In addition they can control themselves.
I moved to the other hospital as I felt the oppressive mood in the first one.
It was the hospital which was in the plain and it was impossible to say it was clean even by the flattery but I found both the staffs and patients feeling relaxed.
It was known as the founder of the hospital was yearned by the patients.
Members in the hospital enjoyed fully the sports in the vast site and various rehabilitation were adopted.
In addition there was a library which had books of all the fields, though it was a small one.
I was surprised to find the gap with the first hospital.
And I thought it was the very second hospital which contributed to the patients.
The first patient that I got responsible for was the man who always had a smile on his face.
He was the mild man who was liked by everyone.
However he suffered the water intoxication syndrome and he drank as much as nearly three liters of water every day.
Therefore I heard various stories about him in a casual way.
He caused the accident in the Self-Defense Forces twenty years earlier and various things came to take place due to that accident.
In addition he came to see invisible things.
Therefore it seemed he thought his mind got messed up.
When I look back on the times, as he was timid he had kept condemning himself because he had been only scolded furiously.
Therefore he was ruled by energy body and he came to have, I thought, the auditory hallucinations.
It seemed that he had been living all on medical pills though he had visual hallucinations and auditory hallucinations only.
I told him to hypnotize himself when he drank water around the time when I was able to have mutual understanding with him.
I asked him to say to himself when he drank water, "A glass of water is enough for three hours."
It seemed he heard what I told him obediently, and I was surprised when I saw him the next day.
He had applied for the change to the hospital ward for the recovery rehabilitation of his own accord and had changed to that hospital ward.
The water intake recorded on the medical records had got less enough.
I was told he would get married after he was discharged from the hospital after a while.
As might have been expected he was again hospitalized around when a child was born as he got uneasy.
I encouraged him by saying, " Please do your best now as your child will surely support you in the future."
Thereafter I saw him attending the hospital while nursing a cute girl.

*)hypnotherapy No 3
The doctor in the relaxed hospital was kind enough to respect the experience of the nurse.
As I was prohibited to look to hypnotherapy in the previous hospital strictly, I made a secret of hypnotherapy here, too.
There was a man who had the habit of trying to stretch his hands in order to tighten the neck of other person.
He was a patient whom I was responsible for.
Though he was a person who was very serious at ordinary times, he wanted to do so suddenly.
The doctor was worried much as he was not able to find the cause of it absolutely.
Therefore I dared to tell him about hypnotherapy.
He replied I was able to do anything that I thought good.
Therefore I was relieved and waited for the chance to try it.
After a while I found the person in question stretch his hands quietly toward other patient.
Therefore I called out to him and induced him to the room.
And I asked him to sit on the bed, put my hands on his shoulder and turned his body quietly.
I told the words of inducing to him.
He didn't resist to my movement for turning his body and made his body turn with his own will.
Then I gave an implied expression telling he would not tighten the neck of other persons from then.
Though he took a rest while lying in bed there, he became chearful and applied for the permission of spending night somewhere else the next day.
He became abnormal again when he came back to his apartment.
When I look back on the times, I think he was ruled by an energy body.
I remember well the housewife who belonged to the religion in which the believers hold the palm close up to the forehead of other person.
She began to hear the voice suddenly and came to be hospitalized.
When she tried to have a meal, the voice which claimed to be a god said to her, "There is mud in the meal."
"Don't eat as there is poison in the meal."
Therefore she began to get skinny in a short period.
She came not to eat anything except for sweet bun.
When I look back on the times, I thought the energy body of the religion which is famous for holding the palm close up to the forehead of other person, was ruling the humans laughably.


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