By Ehab

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Music is a Time Machine!

Your body doesn't travel through time/dimension.

Only your consciousness actually does!

This happens in 4 ways: Dreams, Death, Déjà vu and something that makes you happy or loved.

Good music is one of these things. It makes your consciousness literally travels to other realms, cultures that exist somewhere in the infinite universe.

Good music stimulates the part of memory in the brain. This part is the one that takes your consciousness away somewhere!

For example, music can literally make you live in the Victorian Era for seconds, or somewhere out of this world.

Memory is not just confined to this life, but infinite time/dimensions. So, music can take you back to some moment you lived before in this life or in another dimension.

If you love a piece of music or a song, it's because it "scientifically" lets your consciousness travel to another world!

It's an adventure; it's like waiting every night to have a nice dream out of this world!

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