11 November 2015

Page from a 1985 newspaper says Berenstein Bears

I did a lot of research and to be frank, almost all cover images on the Internet that say "Berenstein Bears" are altered. This doesn't mean the timeline shift on this subject is a hoax. I personally believe there has been a timeline shift in August 2001 that also changed all the vintage books, so even if you had a pre-2001 Berenstein book, it was most probably altered to Berenstain as well and without you knowing it happened! A timeline shift means even the past has changed as well, but not your memory!

However, books.google.com is the only place online you can find Berenstein Bears with this spelling "inside" many articles and pages from well-known magazines, newspapers and books in pre-2001 era like the Billboard magazine for instance.

(Example) https://books.google.com.eg/books?id=v9k...rs&f=false

For me, I found this page from The Ponchatoula Times, Sept. 12, 1985. Please look at the direction the red arrow is pointing to:

Thought I should share this.


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