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This lists contains countries that have actually disclosed, those that are in litigation to disclose all or specific files and countries that have released significant aspects of UFO and alien encounters.

1. Germany
2. Argentina
3. Brazil
4. Canada
5. Chile
6. China
7. Denmark
8. Finland
9. France
10. Australia
11. India
12. Ireland
13. Japan
14. Mexico
15. New Zealand
16. Peru
17. Russia
18. Spain
19. Sweden
20. Ukraine
21. United Nations
22. United Kingdom
23. Uruguay
24. Vatican City


"I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth."

— Colonel Gordon Cooper, Mercury & Gemini Astronaut

"I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real. It has been covered up by governments for quite some time now."

— Captain Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

"...I've been asked [about UFOs] and I've said publicly I thought they [UFOs] were somebody else, some other civilization."

— Astronaut Eugene Cernan, Apollo 17 Commander

"Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions."

— Astronaut Cady Coleman

"I was testing a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis when I spotted this object. [...] It looked like a saucer, a disk. About the same time, I realized that it was suddenly going away from me - and there I was, running at about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a little way, and then all of a sudden the damn thing just took off. It pulled about a 45 degree climbing turn and accelerated and just flat disappeared."

— Captain Donald Slayton, Mercury Astronaut

"Statistically it's a certainty there are hugely advanced civilizations, intelligence, life forms out there. I believe they're so advanced they're even doing interstellar travel. I believe it's possible they even came here."

— Dr. Storey Musgrave, NASA Astronaut

"For nearly 50 years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States Government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information." "We have contact with alien cultures."

— Astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary

"In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are not alone!"

— Charles J. Camarda (Ph.D.), NASA Astronaut


"Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control... It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is..."

"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that unknown flying objects are nonsense."

— Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA, 1947-1950

"We had a job to do, wether right or wrong, to keep the public from getting excited."

— Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Scientific consultant for Air Force

Project Blue Book

"Of course UFOs are real, and they are interplanetary. The cumulative evidence for the existence of UFOs is quite overwhelming and I accept the fact of their existence."

— Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding, Commanding Officer of the Royal Air Force during WWII

"Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fibre optic technologies, particle beams, electromagnetic propulsion systems, depleted uranium projectiles, stealth capabilities, and many others.
How do I know? I was in charge! I think the kids on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I think they deserve it."

— Colonel Philip Corso, Former head of the Foreign Technology Desk for United States Army Research and Development, National Security Council member, Eisenhower Administration.

"We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the La case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."

— J. Edgar Hoover, first Director of the FBI

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity... anything you can imagine we already know how to do."

— Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works

"This 'flying saucer' situation is not at all imaginary or seeing too much in some natural phenomena. Something is really flying around. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious."

— General Nathan Twining, US Air Force, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1955-1958

"Unidentified Flying Objects are entering our atmosphere at very high speeds and obviously under intelligent control. We must solve this riddle without delay."

— Rear Admiral Delmar Fahrney, USNR

"The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets".

— General Douglas MacArthur


"It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. There is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar system."

— Dr. Hermann Oberth, the "father of modern rocketry"

"I am completely convinced that UFOs have an out-of-world basis."

— Dr. Walther Riedel, chief designer and research director at the German rocket center in Peenemunde

"The least improbable explanation is that these things are artificial and controlled... My opinion for some time has been that they have an extraterrestrial origin."

— Dr. Maurice Biot, leading aerodynamicists and mathematical physicist

"Of course it is possible that UFOs really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the government is hushing it up. I wouldn't like to comment on that."

— Professor Stephen Hawking

"Yes - most likely they are out there, perhaps even visted, perhaps on our moon."

— Professor Michio Kaku

"The possibility of reduced-time interstellar travel either by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations at present or ourselves in the future, is not fundamentally constrained by physical principles."

— Dr. Harold Puthoff, Director, Institute for advanced studies at Austin, Author of fundamentals of Quantum Electronics


"The phenomenon of UFOs is real. I know that there are scientific organisations which study the problem. It must be treated seriously."

— Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth."

— President Harry S. Truman

"I'm not at liberty to discuss the governments knowledge of extraterrestrial UFO's at this time. I am still personally being briefed on the subject!"

— President Richard M. Nixon

"...I strongly recomment that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment on this subject."

— President Gerald Ford

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

Churchill ordered UFO cover-up, National Archives show

Eisenhower And The Aliens: Former US President 'Had Three Secret Meetings With Extra Terrestrials'


National Press Club 2001

National Press Club 2010


4 Hour Witness DVD

4 Hours of witness testimony - military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses tell their true stories which disclose the greatest cover-up in world history. This explosive testimony by actual government insiders proves that UFOs are real, that some are of extraterrestrial origin and that super-secret programs have energy and propulsion technologies that will enable humanity to begin a new civilization- A civilization without pollution, without poverty - A civilization capable of traveling among the stars.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin


Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer


British Chief of Defence Staff - Baron Hill Norton
Former NATO Head Tells the UFO reality


Retired, Command Sergeant Major, Robert O. Dean and Retired, Sergeant Clifford Stone


Official NASA Footage Compilation

More NASA UFO Anomalies On Film

NASA STS75 Tether Incident - February, 1996
NASA STS-80 UFO Formation - December, 1996 (?)
NASA Footage, UFO Avoiding Beam - 1991
UFO Crash White Sands, New Mexico - 1996
UFO Shuts Down Airport in Inner Mongolia - July 10, 2010
UFO Landing Carp, Ontario, Canada - August 18, 1991
UFO Turkey, Kumburgaz, Istanbul - June 8, 2008
Russian Pilots Chase Cigar-shaped UFO - Unknown
UFO Mir Space Station - March 31, 1991
San Clemente, California UFO - September 14, 2011
Bright UFO, Bejing, China - February 3, 1995
UFO, Stuttgart, Germany - December 30, 1992
UFO Juarez, Mexico - May 5, 1994
UFO Morro Caritas, Brazil - December 30, 1992
UFO Guayaquil, Ecuador - September 9, 1995
Spinning UFO in Brazil - July 2011
Spinning UFO in Colombia - 2009
UFO Sighting in Mexico City

Famous cases

The Roswell Incident - July 8, 1947
Pilot Thomas Mantell Dies Chasing a UFO - January 7, 1948
The Lubbock Lights - August 25, 1951
The Washington D.C. Incident - July 19, 1952
Betty & Barney Hill Abduction - September 19, 1961
Tehran, Iran UFO / Jet Incident - September 19, 1976
Rendlesham Forest UFO Landings - December 24-27, 1980
The Belgian UFO Wave - November 1989 to April 1990
The Phoenix Lights (Documentary) - March 13, 1997

Documentary - I Know What I Saw

(Video removed on YouTube)

Documentary - Out of the Blue


Brazil Releases Files of 1977 UFO Flap

"During the months of October, November and December 1977 and the first half of 1978, the Brazilian state of Para had been invaded by UFOs," the newspaper O Liberal reported, "And it wasn't simply sightings. Nothing to do with mysterious lights wandering at high altitudes. It was about bright objects in several shapes and sizes flying over the Baia de Marajo region at low altitudes, a few meters above the trees and firing strange light beams and attacking people."


"I don't laugh at people any more when they say they've seen UFOs. It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors and it was about the size of the moon. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing's for sure I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified objects in the sky. If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists."

— President Jimmy Carter

Many cosmonauts have seen phenomena which are far beyond the experiences of earthmen. For ten years I never spoke on such things. It only flew straight, but then a kind of explosion happened, very beautiful to watch, of golden light. This was the first part. Then, one or two seconds later, a second explosion followed somewhere else and two spheres appeared, golden and very beautiful. After this explosion I just saw white smoke, then a cloud-like sphere."

— Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev

"For nearly 50 years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States Government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information." "We have contact with alien cultures."

— Astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary

I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied this request.

— Senator Barry Goldwater

"When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap"

— Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Scientific consultant for Air Force

"I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, have you ever seen anything like that? He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I said to him: "Let's follow it!" We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it."

"I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world."

— President Ronald Reagan


Top 10 sightings of all time


DC 1952


Eight files from 1978 to 1987 on UFO sightings were first released on May 14, 2008, to the National Archives' website by the British Ministry of Defence.


CIA AGENT DeathBed Confession


The UFO Phenomenon - High-Ranking Believers


Depositions from a large number of ex high ranking officials including air traffic controllers, ex secret op. officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents - officers, ex commanders in the U.S Air Force, astronauts, etc...


UFOs & The US Military

William Pawelec Interview

Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. Mr. William Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007 and we received permission to release it in December 2010.


Harland Bentley, US Army. "The Nike Ajax UFO Crash"

Mr. Bentley has been involved in working on classified projects with several Government agencies including NASA and the DOE. He has a BS-EE degree and extensive training in nuclear engineering. Mr. Bentley recounts a story of personally witnessing a UFO crash at a Nike Ajax Missile Facility in Maryland and viewing a group of UFO's on radar take off at a calculated 17,000 miles an hour after having hovered on the ground. he also speaks of a 1967/68 incident where he overheard a conversation between Houston Control and astronauts in flight talk about avoiding a collision with a UFO spacecraft and our astronauts actually seeing living beings moving about through portals on the UFO.


"The Ministry's UFO Files" -- Nick Pope

Nick Pope worked for the British Ministry of Defense. He tells of extensive UFO files held by the ministry, including reports on the famous Bentwaters case.


"Glowing Sphere Over The JFK" - James Kopf Testimony

Mr. Kopf joined the Navy in 1969 and worked in communications part of the time on the USS JFK which was carrying nuclear weapons. In his testimony he tells how in the summer of 1979 all electronics and communications onboard the USS JFK stopped functioning when a huge glowing orange-yellow UFO hovered above. He personally saw this pulsating UFO, as did a number of others. When the ship finally returned to Norfolk, VA, men in suits arrived to interview various crewmembers.

Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean 1994

(Private Private)


Retired, Command Sergeant Major, Robert O. Dean and Retired, Sergeant Clifford Stone


Larry king CNN Stephenville


The cases where there are multiple witnesses:

1) Belgium UFO Wave 90/91
2) Phoenix Lights 1997
3) Amicizia/Friendship Contact Case in Italy 1956 - 1977
4) Allagash Abductions
5) Travis Walton Abduction
6) Betty Andreasson Abduction
7) 200 Witnesses from Disclosure Project
8) Several Military Witnesses regarding the 2007 Press conference about UFOs flying over different atomic weapon installations
9) Roswell (Testimonies Corso, Haut, Glen Davis, etc. ppt.)
10) Betty and Barney Hill Abduction


Philip Schneider claimed to be a former US Government Geologist and Engineer, who was involved in producing the underground explosions which were required to facilitate the building of various underground military bases, as well as submarine bases for the United States Government.

He claimed to be one of only three people who survived the infamous Alien/Human War at Dulce and Los Alamos, where 66 Government Agents and Workers supposedly lost their lives in August of 1979.

Human clones where being created. Men, Women, and Children being kept in cages in underground facilities. Ets and Scientists would use them for experiments, food source, and other hellish uses.

His death was ruled a suicide.


Dr. Karla Turner was widely respected in the field of Ufology for her research on alien abduction until her Death. A brilliant scholar and professional educator, she earned a Ph.D. in Old English studies and taught at the university level in Texas for more than ten years. But in 1988, she and her husband and son endured a disturbing series of experiences and recollections that forced them to recognize that they were all abductees.

Many of the abductees Dr. Turner studied had at one time or another had alien implants removed by a surgeon. Her research found that the extraterrestrials known as the Alien Greys or Grey Aliens, beings from Zeta Reticuli (a binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum), who identify themselves as the "Reticulans" (Lam was purportedly a Zeta Reticulian), abduct humans and take them to alien ships and alien bases that were located underground and on the ocean floor. Some abductees even reported that they were, from time to time, kidnapped by human U.S. military personnel who worked with the aliens.


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