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4 July 2010



Don't Die. (its a trick!)
It's about focus, zoom, and interpretation, and control of it! You aren't here too die! think of it like holographic tv, your body is just what you've tuned in with, or be tuned in to! not what you are! and it totally opperates under your sole command. (or even soul ) you are the remote. Literally!
Remember, you can only be 100% sure that you alone are truely real and alive! the inside your own skin bit so to speak. Everything else, 'everything', is information you alone decode.
Don't replicate what you think you experience in the hologram, 'someone or something' dying in your reality is only your interpretation of what you have been educated to beleive in, its been fed to you all your lives, like a mantra, and the ritual burials we experience are just that, rituals. They're to make you beleive it happens to everyone, well Im different, and Im having non of it and Im really gonna live for ever, not 'cos I want to, that isn't an option , we've already lived for ever, this is just an experience, so its all down to choice and I choose my options, Im in control of my experience and death is just a word thats been linked to a beleif, Well, Im making a new dictionary and 'death' actualy means immortal sentient majestic being of all love and eternal peace. Yeah, I reckon that'll work!

Death-You're not alive in anything that doesn't Exist!

Just understand, you can't die.
So don't!
It's kinda like hypnosis. If I could hypnotize you not to be able to see,hear,touch,taste and smell your mum, and told you to forget all existance of her for ever and I then went and hypnotize your mum, and did exactly the same and told her to totally forget all existance of you for ever, then let you both go, to each one of you, the other would not exist! The idea of death is banged into us like a mantra, don't believe it, all that death is in my opinion is the total ceastation of decoding between yourself and the rest on this frequency or a tuning out of this frequency, a movement of focal observation between two points. And that's it. You are energy! how can you die? Remember, you can only convert Energy, not Destroy it!

Time is only relative to your given situation. IT DOESN'T REALLY EXIST....EVER! Not here on this plane of existance anyway. It's a deception, with one purpose, Distraction! Only right now is real, thats all we experience, thats all we interact on all levels with, and its so finitely now that its easy to overlook or lable insignificant. Removing our control from 'Now' I reckon is the most important deceptions that happens to us,(or more correctly what's made to happen to us by ourselves). Time is like the fairytale story, of the 'not-nowness'. The unreachable parts of your memory(for past) and Imagination(for future), like 'what's gone has gone and what hasn't happened yet hasn't happened yet' Thinking of either one removes you out of 'now' so u have literally no control over your input to your own 'nowness', 'cos your focal point of your own now is wandering (anywhere but now)
We are all only a trillionth of a micro-nano second old (if time did exist) one single frame in 'time' IS 'time!'.
Video motion is only made up of still pics, slightly different on each frame, to portray movement.
We see, apparentely, approx 2000 frames per second, a large percentage of which goes straight into our subconcious without concious awareness of amount or content, and is retained. And we reflect a small percentage of these '2000' frames (average adult) back to our concious thought to experience what we see, and therefore, experience. (I'm only talking about one of our known senses in this explanation) We can choose any of the 'frames' so to speak, that we wish to veiw, experience or explore (if they're the right words) but our choice's are conditioned by 'what is happening or unfolding in the enviroment or space that you occupy or are immediately inter-acting with.' points that make the frame's up are prioritized and allocated position of relevence and we observe a vastly edited picture that still seems complete. (think about that one 'cos I can't explain that bit any better).
Think of this. In a car accident (I've had a few good one's) 'Time' seems to slow down, how can this be? In an emergency situation you analize more of the information that you are constantly receiving, eg: if under normal circumstances we are analizing about 10 frames out of around 2000, in an emergency we analize about 65, we edit less, and disregard less, we conciously focus on more of the 'Now' bit. Like live streaming on slow play instead of out-of-sync video playback,we concentrate and see more of each frame so it feels like slow motion. All we are actually doing really is bringing our concious analization of our subconcious thought processes into closer alignment, zooming in, and therefore getting closer to the point where Time can't exist in the concept that we perceive it to be. Closer and closer to the finite right 'Now' you get the slower and slower it must be until you're actually there and time is still, and therefore non-existant. If our subcocious mind is the generator of our concious experience and we could litterally connect the two, then we would, at that point, actually be 'Immortal' as time would be static and therefore for Ever!. And you would also have All choices of All things in All places All at Once! (go deep and think of that too! )

I get the mirror image Idea, its obviously correct, that reality is and has a reflection works, as it always works to the scale, isn't that shadows and light though? I feel more than that! and that only incorporates the 'where' and the 'what' (and that apparently works out to be nothing in nothing ) and nowhere in anywhere!
And I feel personally that the 'how' and 'why' and especially the 'who' is the rest of the picture. But having pieces and not knowing where they go is a hard realization pill to swallow, especially if you don't know you got them, and we all do. (have them!)
Everything simply points to 'self understanding or awareness' for all the true answers. (And I class true answers as the ones you feel deep down to be correct!) Knowledge comes in - but you have to kinda weigh it up to make sure you personally find it comfortably acceptable, then your mind absorbs and sort of analizingly plays with it, then you start to explore further and previously unrelated issues suddenly seem to be significantly related - and the picture grows just a little bit in all directions. Previously unobservable or uncoincidental connections stand out.

I almost feel like the reality I beleived in was stolen, like I was ripped off. That fairytale deceptive understanding I had of our so called reality now seems so absurd, and ludicrous and I can't believe the hypnotic gullability spell we all seem to have been shrouded in for so long. We make REALITY full stop. By simply simply being aware its there in the first place. There's obvious misdirection of natural information , and the implimentation of mis-information. We have been led away from, on all levels, control of whoever and whatever we are. I feel we have been deceived into somehow activating a kind of autopilot conciousness and we all just toddle along with the task of making the script.
Its sort of irritating that these blatant agenda's, that now seem to be in place, and all the alfabet soup that goes with them, are plodding along, sometimes at speed, without any kind of interaction that seems benifitial to us, by any kind of authority that we are meant to have put in place (or told we have in place) to protect our well being.
Its not the power houses that are at fault, its the men who we allow to occupy them.
Apparently, there's about 7 billion human beings on our lovely little planet, and only about 20,000 of the bad guys 'worldwide'. Lets just look at this for a moment, our great nations all have armed forces, those armed forces are manned by the very best, courageous, stand up to the line for whats right no matter what MEN and WOMEN, who, themselves, are quite simply our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters, and remember there's still only about 20,000 of the bad guys!
We could live in paradise TOMORROW!
Lets vote for a one day Earth pause , where everybody calls for the arrest and perminant removal of these anal hairs, regardless of who they may be or how powerful they think they are. Lets see how powerful they are with 7 billion bi-peds fronted by a military power that just aint understanding the concept of NO, that speaks and acts FOR the people, 'cos it IS the people. Our reality, or world, will not ever be free until we literally round up and detain perminantly, for as long as the stars shine, these bottom burps, these reality rapists, we wouldn't be able to ever release them either, as they would probably go and wreck some other innocent realities.
Saying all that, it looks like the 20,000 have us 7,000,000,000 caged up and ready to go!

So, simply put: 1.You're only alive finitely right now
2.You can't put the Universe in anything
3.Everything you look at is made of Energy
4.Everything has an exact opposite, eternally bound together
5.Time doesn't exist
6.The Trick about Now is Now!

Reality is the Bi-product of Two Exact opposites. Nothing more - nothing less!
Lifeforce is the Bi-product of Two Exact Opposites. Nothing more - nothing less!
You are the Bi-product of Two Exact opposites. Nothing more - nothing less!



Scary thing! I did the numbers once, well reallity numbers anyway, sent me insane , not sure I'm back either! . everything really is connected, always works, your D.O.B. is a group of three double digit's, lets say for instance 01:02:03 (first of february 2003) - your time of birth is the same, three more sets of double digit's, lets say 09.45.23 (nine forty five-am and twenty three seconds.) Taking both time and date into account, that's a double group of tripple digit's; Mirrored, each group of digit's has double and tripple possible combinations. try them out for yourself, if you like, and make sure you have a copy of your family tree, may even be distressing for some, 'cos aren't we are here randomly? sure you was born? sure its all real? so think first before you play, ask yourself this:do you really need to or want to! there's a lot of numbers out there and they're all relevent. And I hold no responsibility for any information you may or may-not seem to uncover or understand. I say no more!

Time traveller!

You're not alive in anything that doesn't Exist!

More added thought, I play the guitar (not very well I might add!) but I know barchords when I see them. And DNA is full of them. Plus one other thing, Time signatures. Check and see, look at a DNA code and imagine music, its like a bleeding musical! I believe our DNA is the Harmonic frequency that each of us resonate at or the individual frequency that we were trapped with. ( this gets crazier!)
And if that scale, percent thing works that means our solar system is also in the scale so what part are we in? Hydrogen atoms have 1 of each, we have a sun for instance, we have to have a equal opposites, right here, right now!

Don't Die. (its a trick!) it's about focus, zoom, and interpretation, and control of it! You aren't here too die! think of it like holographic tv, your body is just what you've tuned in with, or be tuned in to! not what you are! and it totally opperates under your sole command. (or even soul ) you're the remote. Literally!
Remember, you can only be 100% sure that you alone are truely real and alive! the inside your own skin bit so to speak. Everything else, everything, is informatin you alone decode. Death. conversion tool. You wouldn't believe the mad thought's I have on this subject whether or not you understand the one above .
Just understand, you can't die.
So don't!
It's like hypnosis. If I could hypnotize you not to be able to see,hear,touch,taste and smell your mum, and told you to forget all existance of her for ever and I then went and hypnotize your mum, and did exactly the same and told her to totally forget all existance of you for ever, then let you both go, to each one of you, the other would not exist! The idea of death is banged into us like a mantra, don't believe it, all that death is in my opinion is the total ceastation of decoding between yourself and the rest on this frequency or a tuning out of this frequency, a movement of focal observation between two points. And that's it. You are energy! how can you die? Remember, you can only convert Energy, not Destroy it!

My next bit will be my views about how important the Sun and Planets really are to each of us individually, and how, literally, they are part of us! How we all beleive we are here, at the same time, when in fact we're totally seperate, individual polaritie's tuned in like a conference video call! How I think we were locked into this reality - jail frequency - decoding routine, and how we can unlock our way back out of it using simular methods. What your chakkra's are, how to really locate them on their energy fields your aura, how they are structured like russian dolls, atmospheric style, How and What they opperate. Chrystals, and how they affect our chakkra's on all levels, both good and bad, Harmonic's, Earth's atmosphere and the Chakkra's She must have, how they are manipulated in front of our very eye's, Why gold seems so valuable, and what you can do with a very small amount, What your decode bubble is receiving and emiting, and why material objects in your reality are totaly under your complete control, through subconcious manipulation or interaction. How we are made to pull into this reality the existance structure that is manipulated into choice. What simple trick is blatently played upon us, (or blanketed so tightly round us that we believe its part of us! think of the board the weather girls actually stands infront of and look around your reality for comparisons that literally runs all we 'do, think, are, were and will be!' Like a giant video holographic play for our minds that we physically interact with on a finite scale. I call it the 'Mag-light-effect.' What light is, how we see colour, what the spectrum really is and how we decode it.
Who Aliens are. UFO's, what they actually are, and what they are all about, and why some are or seem to be manufactured. Why the Moon doesn't spin like every other spherical body in the solar system. Why splitting the atom in this reality must replicate on a calculable scale. Why and how actually significant is the date 211212 and how sequential numbers, work like atomic clockwork. What we're all missing, that others must be experiencing, that must be there, (according to the numbers.) When I was a kid I literally understood that the gulf stream and slip stream must exist and be there, sort of a realization rather than actually working on anything. I was a kid. I know that sounds like nothing, as we all know they are there, but I just got it, years before I ever learned of them at school. Think of Jupiters great Red spot, or the one on Uranus and Neptune and every other planet and sphere!
You! are the time machine and controller! you've just been made to forget! through trickery! its how you decode information as to how you percieve your position in time and space to be. As to where, when, and how you tune in depends on how you filter the information analized. You are actually doing it right now! Your body is basically only a energy field, you already travelled! in one sense of the word, its not that you come and go anywhere, its what you simply decode into the you're here, and you only got here or decoded here, to loose control over the most amazing and powerful thing you could imagine you possess, YOU!
Understand you cannot destroy Energy - you can only convert it.
YOU are Energy, you are what has been, or will be, converted. And its obviously for a reason. Think of type 0s wanting to be type 4s(civilisations I mean) I feel I should be older and wiser than I am, and that I am older and wiser than I should be! and I feel it in a good positive way, and I'm not ready to die, not after any 100 or so years anyway, I feel I'm gonna live forever! like I already have. It really is all down to thought processes. My head feels so crammed full of all this loopy information, I'm into my reality but 'Christ'.... (if he existed, which I know he didn't, another deception...) I'm hoping, getting all this out of me and into words will rid me of it, or at least help me to get it myself .. ( is it all just wild imagination and stretched inventories,)
I used to know hundreds people a few years ago, its down to about Eight! (hope it's still that many ) so I understand if you haven't read this far.

Breaking the receiver doesn't damage the signal! they are totally seperate and individually different concepts and only come into existance through interaction, both depend on each other, failure of either renders the other in-opperable in that particular situation or enviroment.(my made up scientific sounding....'well errr, it sounds right to me' quote!)

Whether I'm right or wrong, all is a learning curve! and I'm always willing to learn!
And if All is a learning curve, then we're going round in circles!

HAVE A NICE NOW! (meant in the warmest nicest way!) 'Cos there is only Now, so thats all thats important. If Now is always right, (which mine never is so I aint a preachin') everything linked to Now must also be always right, Right!)

It's sort of like a 'receipe' of 3 energetic polarities, the makeup signature of everything. Trinity of all things! 2+1 and 1+2 as a ratio or percentage that make's up each stage, I suppose it could be two thirds + one third and vica-versa, as long as they are equally bi-compatable through each stage it works! and if it works on each stage or scale its significant!**
These strings, quargs and quarks must also emit some kind of magnetic field to keep them all seperated yet connected at the same time, on their own scale! I guess, one may be more positive ((obeying the ratio)) and the other more negitive((obeying the ratio)) This is how I see electron's, acting in accordence with protons and neutrons!
Like yin and yang, each has exactly half of the whole, but a equal percentage has moved across a divider from each side to the other. That's also why everything comes in connected doubles, for instance you can't have a Atom with 5 Protons and 9 Neutrons, without the correct natural energetic balance it would either shove itself apart or squeeze itself away.
**these ratio's or percentage's signify what I figure would be an acceptable unity of balance between direct co-habital opposite's on equal scale.

The 'Russian Doll or Onion-skin' theory of reality, as long as polarized with an equally exact opposite, to me, is the only logical process of the reality structure that could actually be correct, as it agree's with the ratio or procession scale (which is equal, continuously downwards, so, it has to also be equal continually upwards.) like dumbell shape, eight's in eight's - like Owls eye's!*** (remember, in two's with a bi-product of energetic output!) It's like reality is always at the center point between two equal opposites, exactly same as the point where you're alive, a bi-polar connection of opposite polarities, and another thing, every single partical in one stage has to replicate out into every stage, no matter how large or finite the direction. The simple fact of it being in one stage in the first place, reveals the understanding that its part of that stages continual replication, so it itself must also have followed the same rule's, just by being there. That's why we can't reach the bit that we are actually alive. We're trying to locate a kind of neutral point, on a bi-polar energetic field thats continually rolling inwards or outwards depending on direction of observation, but always away from our point of concentration. It keeps of moving!
I picture this Energy field like a elongated holographic dougnut in shape, or a Aura, in fact, a good simarlarity would probably be the same as the Earth's magnetic field in shape and characteristics.
Which must also be the shape of the solar system, it must be! replication! - if you took the core of a apple out with a apple corer and threw the core away, that apple, with the hole through, is almost the shape I mean.

***Draw 2 number 'eights' led down side by side on a piece of paper and draw one number 8 stood up in each of the four loops or circle's. Now draw one large number 8 led on its side so its two loops are equally over the other two groups of eights. Turn your paper so the biggest number eight is now on its side, draw it a mirrored twin led down at the side of it, draw a larger eight round these two,draw what you see repeating the above order, owl's eye's . spooky and hypnotic! But that's what our reality structure looks like!

Try this, chop just the positive end off a bar magnet, , see if you can. (don't hurt yourself! )
We're already going way sidewards, so I'll let you work that thought process out for yourself!

Check out the periodic table and you'll get the periodic pattern easily, 1 proton +1 neutron = hydrogen, 2 proton + 2 neutron = helium, 3 protons + 3 neutrons = lithium, and so on.....its always an equal ratio of two equal opposites and an outcome or bi-product. (produced by addition of multiples of two opposites on every scale!) it's the energetic output that is at the focal point of this, thats important. A pure, rolling, energetic, constant movement of Attraction and Repulsion! connecting and repelling direct opposites (and considering everything is Energy its actually more probable than plausable, as that would equate to just Energy interacting within its self! !

I picture strings, like Galaxy's and active super massive feeding Blackholes or Quayzars
I picture quargs and quarks like super clusters of trillions of strings (galaxy's and Quayzars), if you can picture that,
and I picture Protons and Neutrons as super clusters of quargs and quarks, which in my eyes means each proton and each neutron is a 'Reality'. Each bathed in an interwoven blanket of energy. Each is a exact replica of the other, only identically reversed or opposite! (it's just we are easily able to see this field one scale down, as wave energy becomes viewable, it transforms into a particle, when we observe the 'particl,' its actually only observation of a wave, particles don't exist in a particle form until viewed!
All the energy strings, as individual Galaxy's and feeding Blackholes, must also break down into constituent components. All the ones and zeros replicate out as Quayzars and Galaxy's so they therefore must also be able to be divided out to the same ratio as the scale above..
Electrons, I think, must be congregated on like a plate, or rotating on a flat plane, or 'ecliptic', like Planets, and they must exist in each level, obeying the ratio and the same attributes of each level
(Quayzars are super massive feeding blackholes gone psycho,they shine brighter than whole galaxy's sometimes, and they have long straight funnels of ejected energy that stretch for light years. Galaxies are kinda vibrating circular(ish) in shape and spin.)

It's like our 'reality' is in stages of binary code. Time is relevent to observational interpretation, the Finite scale appears too fast and spontaneously agile because we observe or view it from the next level up, likewise, the Macro scale appears slow and cumbersome because we observe or veiw it from the next level down. It's all about 'ZOOM' check this out: [link to] go here and watch this little 2 minute optical treat.

Our Solar system is a Hydrogen Atom! that's how the scale reveals it to me anyway. exact opposite's means we have a exact opposite to our sun, here, now!
There can only be two physical realities... One with a proton Star, and One with a Neutron Star!
You live in both. and both of them make one side of the next level up and you can be found that level too!
One up One down!

It's like reality is always the center point between two equal opposites, a bi-polar connection of opposite polarities, that's why we can't reach the bit we are alive, try and chop just the positive end of a bar magnt off see if you can but we're already way sidewards, so I'll let you work that thought process out yourself!

Hope you are ok with that makeshift simple explanation.

Think!If thats all basically true, then vibrating strings of energy along with Electrons (which we know are "energy") are really all that makes up an atom, and those atoms are literally all that makes up you're reality, that means YOU and you're reality is only made up of Energy
Get the point!
People talk of holograms being infinite but there's really only three stages: 'Where you are and what you perceive', 1 bigger - and - 1 smaller. (and which ever one you're in, that's the one that you perceive from.)

Quote from Molecular Expressions Science
For example, compare the size of the Earth to the size of a plant cell, which is a trillion times smaller:

Earth = 12.76 x 10+6 = 12,760,000 meters wide
(12.76 million meters)

Plant Cell = 12.76 x 10-6 = 0.00001276 meters wide
(12.76 millionths of a meter)"
This quote and the link above are the only part of this post that isn't my own thought's on all of this! or at least my interpretation.

I know I said three things but some other important pieces of info I find connected are:
'They say' everything in life has a opposite. That is literally true, but I reckon they missed telling us there is a special bit that connects both together or rather just expresses both poles of the singular.
I'm telling you the neutral ground or what I think of as the ecliptic of all things, the 'inbetween', center of a magnet, between poles, on the equatorial divide of all possibilitie's (so to speak) is the bit that allows the opposites to exist in the first place, therefore more important.
And I also understand there can only be three forms of 'Reality'
Reality1---Choices or options made.
Reality2---Choices or options in the making.
Reality3---Choices or options yet to be made.
Each one of us Is a reality!

Observation is Everything.Everything is Energy. Energy is Observation.
Observing Energy is Everything
Everything Observed is Energy
Energy is Everything Observed
I see patterns in everything, don't add the numbers they're not sums :
First scale1221 and 2112

Next scale up:112211 and 221122

Next scale up:11122111122111 and 22211222211222
Next scale up:111122111122111111221111221111 and 222211222211222222112222112222
Get it?
ALWAYS *** check above for scale structure!
Like two wave patterns, one only different to the other by scale! It, to me just pulsates and fluctuates (wave or particle!)


I just asked myself 'how am I HERE?'
and as I am part of 'HERE' -What 'HERE' is made of?


we really are litterally interacting with nothing in a nowhere reality
so next question is HOW
and can we manipulate our experience away from the 'autopilot control?'



7 of them in each set

5 sets


no promises

info only

Your DNA is the signature of a harmonic frequency that you alone are tuned in with/to right now.
your DNA code is a synphony of harmonic vibrations
of 7 musical notes ( 6 + 1 timestamp)
unique to you
a channel.
and YOU are the remote.

each notes harmonic is shaped according to its resonating structure
resonating on 7 plains and 'infolding and outfolding' like russian dolls playng hopscotch.

Now, imagine this if you will

blow a soapbubble with a small ring then observe the bubble
some of the liquid congregates at the bottom and swirls
now, picture 7 bubbles one inside the other
each with its own little pool of swirling liquid at the bottom
now put these bubbes in zero gravity so the swirls at the bottom
can giroscopically move round to any position on its own sphere.

you can only interact (away from autopilot) when all 7 are lined up

did you know your chakra positions are a replicating ratio of certain planets distances from Sun (crown)

Sun crown
Mercury third eye
Venus throat
Earth heart
mars solar plexus
Jupitor sacreal
Saturn root


you visually see at approximately 2000 frames per second subconciously
reflecting about 10 decoded frames per second (avarage adult) back to your concious life.
so to experience your own version of reality we have to change the selection process of decoded frames

quite simple really

we see in negative stream, back to front and upside down
at 2000 a sec
each frames pixelations are decoded according to dominance towards finite vibrational fields
we can alter these vibrations artificially
by resonating sound light and shaped colour
I mean literally.



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