The record of visiting megaliths in Asuka village in Nara Prefecture, Japan

By Sennari Masuya

25 October 2009

Several members of Let's solve the enigma of the earth visited megalithics in Asuka village of Nara prefecture, Japan.

Asuka village is located in the south of Nara Prefecture, Japan.
There are a lot of tumuluses there.
Our seven members enjoyed visiting megaliths by car or on foot.
Let me introduce the course of visiting Megaliths.
The course of the visit is written to the trajectory with GPS.

Masuda Iwafune (Masuda rock ship) near the top of Iwafune mountain.
I've taken pictures a little above from the top.
The square holes are seen at the top.
It exists in such a secluded place in the mountain.
I tried to go up from a place that looks like a slide on the right, but it was hard to do it because it was slippery.
I became barefoot and finally mountable.
I climbed on the top from the front of the rock which was craggy.
The size is written as 11m east-west, 8m north-south, and 4.7m height (north).

The Ship of the Rock

The picture of the upper side

The picture was taken from the place where I came up.
The grid-like groove on the side seems to make sense .

2.Monkey stone
Kibituhimeookimihaka (The tomb of Kibituhime)

3.The toilet for the demon
Who gave a nasty name like this?
The place like this is administered by the Imperial Household Agency.

The toilet for the demon

4.The chopping board for the demon

5.Turtle Stone
According to the legend, Nara will become the sea of mud, when Turtle Stone faces west.

6.Tumulus of Isibutai (Stone stage)
The stones on the top seems to represent the babies.
The bottom of it is very deep when looked at the inside.

Inside of Tumulus of Isibutai(Stone stage)

The passage which leads to the inside of Tumulus of Isibutai (Stone stage)

7. Sakafune stone


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