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28 January 2016

The real shebang. You are already dead. You have died many times.

Something I avoid thinking about but It always comes back around.

There's a good chance that you have already died. Think about an event where something either went wrong you almost died, or you felt like you were in a bad situation. You make it through. Maybe the events were even fuzzy, timeline a little fuzzy. You fill in the blanks. You may even feel like a ghost walking especially right after the 'shift'. You shift into an alternate dimension where you didn't die. Maybe it's because you were hoping so much not to die, your consciousness didn't accept it, so you shift over. In the other reality you did die though.

Things that come up if you have had near death experiences or reality shifts but you did die in the reality you left behind would be seeing ghosts, talking to ghosts that you may not have known at the time were ghosts. Paranormal experiences, blue lights, spiritual encounters.



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