Theory: When you die your soul will survive but your ego and identity will die


What you identify as you is nothing but a physical vessel and an application program interface (API) for your soul. The former is your body and the latter is your mind (ego). The ego facilitates soul's access to your body, and both the body and mind/ego are expendable as they're products of this plane of existence. Your soul is just taking a ride in this physical vessel and the soul is not what you now identify as you.

When you die, your body and mind are destroyed. Your body goes first. Your soul takes a backup copy of the mind with all its experiences and detaches from your dying body. Then the mind (your identity) dies, too. Your soul travels out of this plane and merges with the unity soul transfering the experiences to the collective. After that, the soul is ready for another ride in another physical vessel.

In the process, your individual characteristics such as personality are destroyed as they are part of the expendable mind. I say it again: your personality does NOT survive death. That's also why we don't remember our previous lives. We reincarnate with a brand new body and mind. The soul is just in for the ride and does not provide any information to the mind.

The ultimate purpose of life and the universe is to collect experiences. The unity soul needs to experience everything so that it can become a god in its own right and create new universes. The souls are merely fragments of the unity soul - probes that go out and retrieve this information. Body and mind are nothing but products of the physical plane. Perishable and expendable.


When you dream your "soul" is you temporarily forgetting in a new "body and mind" as you say. When you wake up that body and mind dies and you return home.

But you can still remember dreams. The imprints/matter/actions in any world can be remembered or forgotten. It's all a matter of what you hold close to the soul.

Or as we say here on earth, to your heart.

I see no practical necessity for complete removal of any "memories".

We have to leave this plane some day, that will be hard. But have a little faith ah?
Date: 24 May 2016


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