When you see somebody, you're seeing the last time you saw them, not the persons themselves


When you see something, you're actually seeing the last time you saw it, not the thing itself.

When you remember a past event, you're actually remembering the last time you remembered it, not the event itself.

The brain can't invent new faces, images or persons. What you see and interact with already exists in your subconscious.

Life is all based on deep-rooted subconscious memories linked with other lives, realms and parallel universes and dimensions that exist in your subconscious mind through a singular consciousness entity and/or because you have actually lived all the lives that ever existed and will exist.

When you like something or fall in love with someone, the cause of your ecstasy is that you subconsciously remembered the last time you liked that thing or fell in love with that person. It's linked with deep-rooted memories.

That's why people romantically think they saw their beloved ones somewhere and sometime before, but it's the truth!
Date: 28 Jun 2016


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