Mandela Effect stops Deja vu!


As someone who regularly experienced Deja vu over and over again growing up, that sense that you are rewatching or reliving something as it is currently happening...

Now that the Mandela effect changes are coming faster and faster, I can confirm that Deja vu no longer happens to me.

I was speaking about this to a friend the other day, who also confirmed that it had been years since he experienced a Deja vu effect.

We theorized that it's because we are slipstreaming timelines so fast, that nature's natural way of equalizing the variation in dimensional pressures through the effect of Deja vu was being overwhelmed by mandela effect changes.

Is anyone else no longer experiencing Deja vu that did it a lot growing up?

I believe that Deja vu was natures way of trying to equalize the pressure between dimensions differences.

Now that dimensions are artificially overwriting each other, Deja vu disappears


It got replaced by synchronicities. They abound.

Meaning: It happens to everyone sooner or later: A certain number pops up wherever you go; an old friend you haven't seen in 20 years since high school appears the same day you're looking at her picture in a yearbook; you're singing a song and turn on the radio - and the same song is playing.

If I described some of the synchronicities I've had over the last two years, no one here would believe me. UNBELIEVABLE. There's definitely something to it. And also, I see 11:11 constantly. Something is definitely happening. It's definitely metaphysical. I believe this very strongly.
Date: 25 Jul 2016


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