Mandela Effect - Timeline Shift


My collection of old magazines that had the spelling "Berenstein Bears" written and printed along with a few other books:


Billboard 22 Feb 1997:


Billboard 22 Aug 1998


Billboard 24 Aug 1996


Billboard 17 Feb 2001


Inf0-W0rld 27 Jun 1983


New York Magazine 13 Feb 1984


New York Magazine 21 May 1984


San Dieg0 Magazine Feb 2006


$PIN Jan 1995


The [email protected] Times 12 Sept 1985



Australian Television and International Media$cape$ - 1996


Building Bl0cks; F0undati0ns for Learning for Young Blind and Visually Impaire_d Children - 1991


Fam0us Bears 1997




Some old snippets:

Hydrogenation, margarine, and shortening - bibliography and sourcebook, 1860 to 1995



Maine Agricultural Experiment Station., 1965


Milk production-cons 1955



3,440 results of old magazines and books that had the name "Dan Ackroyd" written and printed on them.

http://grabify.link/7NC2FE or https://is.gd/DanAckroyd


Interview With A Vampire: Now Interview With THE Vampire

Tiananmen Square Man was run over by a tank, now he stopped the tank instead

Universal blood donor was O+: Now O-

Hot water on the right: Now on the left

Looney TOONS: Now Looney Tunes

Isaiah 11:6 “..the lion will lay down with the lamb”: Now “..the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb”

Matthew 6:10 “..on earth as it is in heaven”: Now “..IN earth as it is in heaven”

Matthew 9:17 "Neither do men put new wine into old wineskins": Now old BOTTLES

Joshua 7:11 “..and they have put it even among their own possessions” Now: “..their own STUFF”

Forest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates": Now "Life WAS like.."


Mandela died in prison, “I watched his funeral on TV, in the 80's”: Now died in 2013

SILENCE of the Lambs: Now THE Silence of the Lambs

"Mirror, mirror on the wall": Now “MAGIC mirror on the wall”

“LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER”: Now “No, I am your father”

1, 4 and 6 different moon walks

Volvo symbol now has a horn sticking out

Sex IN The City: Now Sex AND The City

Donald J. Potts; "My wife remembers a completely different wedding date than I do."

Fruit Loops: Now FROOT Loops

No more “Of the world” at the end of We Are The Champions

Oscar Meyer Wieners: Now Oscar MAYER Wieners

Earth is now in the center of the Milky Way instead of on the outside edge

South America has now moved 1000 miles east, or 33 Degrees

North and South Korea moved from the bottom of China to above it, or 33 Degrees

Chic-Fil-A: Now CHICK-Fil-A

The human stomach is now under your left ribcage

The human skeleton now has 4 floating ribs in the back

“Build it and they will come”: Now “Build it and HE will come”

Great Pyramid Cheops now has a twin next to standing the same height. The pyramids were being more remote than they are now. Giza is right next to it now!

New Zealand has moved from above Australia to below

The Pacific ocean now covers the entire globe on one side

C3PO from Star Wars now has a SILVER LEG

Smokey The Bear: Now Smokey Bear

Steven Segal: Now Steven SEAGAL

Depends underwear: Now DEPEND

Curious George lost his tail

Cruella DeVille: Now Cruella de Vil

The US lost 2 states and now has 50

Febreeze: Now Febreze

The adamant reports on how many men walked on the moon by very passionate space-gazers has now solidly been "1" or "4", but the TIMELINE records say "6" now. Many people have no recollection of THIS timeline at all.


Mandela Effect stops Deja vu!

As someone who regularly experienced Deja vu over and over again growing up, that sense that you are rewatching or reliving something as it is currently happening...

Now that the Mandela effect changes are coming faster and faster, I can confirm that Deja vu no longer happens to me.

I was speaking about this to a friend the other day, who also confirmed that it had been years since he experienced a Deja vu effect.

We theorized that it's because we are slipstreaming timelines so fast, that nature's natural way of equalizing the variation in dimensional pressures through the effect of Deja vu was being overwhelmed by mandela effect changes.

I believe that Deja vu was natures way of trying to equalize the pressure between dimensions differences.

Now that dimensions are artificially overwriting each other, Deja vu disappears

It also got replaced by synchronicities.

Meaning it happens to everyone sooner or later: A certain number pops up wherever you go; an old friend you haven't seen in 20 years since high school appears the same day you're looking at her picture in a yearbook; you're singing a song and turn on the radio - and the same song is playing.

If I described some of the synchronicities I've had over the last two years, no one here would believe me. UNBELIEVABLE. There's definitely something to it. And also, I see 11:11 constantly. Something is definitely happening. It's definitely metaphysical. I believe this very strongly.
Date: 30 Jul 2016


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