Every country exists on a different dimension


The people of the world could have created only one language, but instead they have created many languages. It's not because of culture but due to "dimension differences". Language, customs and traditions of every country are deeper than just the shallow answer: "culture".

So literally, for example, if you travel from Canada to India you will be moving into a different dimension regardless of world timeline and the existence of that place on the same planet.

Not only that, but when a group of people create, share and spread a certain belief and become similar in habits, way of life and adopting a certain language or accent, a new reality will be created on the same space. A new dimension surrounded by an invisible border!

So, every country is different not because of culture, education or way of thinking, but because of a dimension difference that has been created in this country.

P.s. And that's why when groups like BLM, for instance, are created by a certain party, which shares specific beliefs, the purpose is to impose a new reality (mini-dimension) inside the bigger one (dimension/country), and that helps in the division tactic.
Date: 30 Jul 2016


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