People's heads used to be square until early 1950s


I think after some dimension shift, people's heads turned into what looks like building blocks. We have certainly experienced more than one dimension shift after WWII.

But the last 4-8 years (also starting early 2016), the shift was too obvious that produced the Mandela Effect and everything changed including our memories except for memory residue from the old timeline and some unique instances in which the new dimension "forgets" to overwrite (which are rare findings of residue from the old timeline).

All I would say for this timeline after few observations: This timeline is dumber, boring, luckless, lacks the magic in the old timeline, lacks creativity, mean, more evil. I think, some people including those who are close to me are not human.

Look at your intestines. It's now a chaotic mish-mash rather than the well-ordered ones we had. No wonder more people - if not most - suffer from digestive problems.

The pyramids in this timeline look like they were created randomly out of boredom ,without creativity, without the familiar magic and beauty. The Great Pyramid Khufu used to be in the middle behind the Sphinx and the capstone was missing. Now Khufu (Cheops) is not in the middle. It has a twin, Khafre (in the middle now) next to it standing the same height. The Great Pyramid stands 139 meters and Khafre stands 136 meters. The pyramids were more remote than they are now. Giza is right next to them!

And more..
Date: 08 Aug 2016


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