Predestination is the most mind-blowing movie in human history


Never could have thought "they" will bring this "truth" in Hollywood, although not everybody would understand the big picture.

(No spoiler) Predestination sums up the core truth of life and dimensions. Here are the main points/lessons in brief:

. Everyone alive is you in a different dimension/timeline.

. Past, Present and Future are all happening now.

. All your other infinite dimensional selves are alive now.

. What you will do in the future or next life is happening now.

. You can't change the future by changing the past because time is not a straight line and because what will happen has already happened and is happening now.

. Everybody is the same person living in their own realms. It's like a movie, but you act in this movie. The movie is about you seeing and living with your endless other selves, the people in your life. We are actually one person and each one of us lives in their own dimension which overlap each other and "you" live and interact with all these characters. The trick here is that you're deceived into thinking we all live in one and the same dimension/realm/life.
Date: 08 Aug 2016


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