Still trying to adapt to this new reality


I find some difficulties mainly, distractions and unusual bad luck. I feel like my dimensional frequencies do not match or synchronize with this reality. This has started to happen to me since mid-2015 and the many changes were gradually getting more and more obvious.

I'm still trying. It would be rare to find someone like you who remembers what you remember and experience what you experience; who understands that this is a different reality and it's not only personal.

People, even closed ones, are not the same anymore. They're like copies of those who exist(ed) in my old timeline. They changed to the worst. In general, people are mean and heartless in this reality.

As I noted, I get many continuous distractions. Can't meditate like before anymore. Bad luck is unusual as if it's deliberate. It's like the current frequencies are tripping me up with no reason, without a prior internal premonitional warning.
Date: 30 Aug 2016


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