The Middle East until early 1950s


I think The Middle East was destroyed gradually after WWII from within via military coups and installing puppet governments while some certain world power has taken over and pulled the strings until this moment from behind the curtain. Some minds will be blown if they get to know and see how the Middle East which was called the Orient was specially Egypt, including economy, freedom, agriculture, industrialization, science, stock exchange, education, exports, architecture, way of life, gold reserves, currency .. etc. You can use Google to see only images (which are mostly removed), but the data itself of how the Middle East was before it was destroyed is removed from all search engines, history books and media outlets all over the world in all languages since early 1950s. Britain may have occupied Middle Eastern countries for some years, nevertheless, the truth is Britain was never the cause of this civilization. The development, progress and civilization in the Middle East (the then the Orient) was there before, during and after British occupation. Egypt, for example, was really a first world country and one of the few great powers until 1952. It really was superior than most of Europe and America in everything. I saw a video about Egypt before 1952. Mind blowing! I can't even find some facts - that I personally researched and got from old people who once lived there - on the Internet or anywhere.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/50xuy5/the_middle_east_until_early_1950s_iraq_libya_iran/
Date: 05 Sep 2016


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