Earth: The Prison Planet that you CHOSE to come to


Guess what everyone?

You chose to come here and to experience what you are experiencing, good and bad, beautiful and horrible.

The earth experience is like an unguided trip in the Amazon rainforest, naked with no supplies. Your soul chose to incarnate into this "hell-world" simply because it craved adventure and needed new experiences.

When you die you will meet your soul group and review your experiences as part of a bigger whole, which in turn is part of an even bigger whole. It is beyond our imaginations.

You had to be crazy to come here.

This is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen.

Do not be afraid.

You are God, and you simply got bored.



We/God dream up infinite countless adventures within ourselves to keep us infinitely amused. It is a most exquisitely genius and magnificent game that we are playing with ourselves. To experience being something other than the infinite creator of all things that we ARE... The adventure of it. There's nothing quite like it you know! It's fucking genius! Pat yourself on the back! You smart Alec you!


you are pure consciousness experiencing itself as your form for a little while. someday "you" will experience "me", and I will experience "you". there is no linear time. do you understand?
Date: 02 Oct 2016


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