Everytime you masturbate, you move to another dimension


Some creatures like Bees wake up from the simulation when they climax (We call it death). But, humans only move from one dimension to another (Even if everything looks the same) when they masturbate or have sex.

On a different note, the vagina is a mini human wormhole that connects you to your other self that exists in a different dimension in the same timeline, considering the theory based on Quantum Physics that everybody alive is the same person living in their own dimension and perspective. So, literally, everytime you have sex, you experience it with the other reincarnated (considering the QP theory that Past, Present and Future are all happening now) version of yours through a mini human wormhole, and that is the secret behind the mysterious pleasure people feel during sex and love in general. Literally, everything you do to others, you do it to yourself that exists in a different dimension and you feel it right on the spot, letting you have unexplained mysterious emotions.
Date: 18 Nov 2016


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