We are ALL Wizards! Our belief systems ARE our Magic Spells


So...I've been digesting all kinds of esoteric stuff for a couple of years now. You know, all of the 'hidden' knowledge that the masses turn their noses up at...

I've felt the gears in my brain cranking around and cranking around, trying to condense my current understanding of the order of this reality. Maybe it's simply all in the title of my OP.

With what we know from archaic knowledge, quantum physics, studies in consciousness, PLACEBO'S, religious faith, endless stories an philosophies about 'just believing' in miracles...miraculous testimony's....let see, is there more? You get my drift.

All of the above, IMO, leads to the conclusion that our belief systems, however diverse and contradictory, ARE indeed a subdued/hidden form of spell magic.

We are all sorcerers of our own making...Our power, or lack thereof, comes from what we believe and the intentional focus on those beliefs, that bring the various manifestations of reality into our experience and perspective.

The Placebo...a favorite topic, as it's proven time and again but gets little real attention.

The placebo is the same thing as believing in magic and spells.

The doctor is the 'witch'...the spell is the storyline presented to the patient...the sigil or ritual is taking the sugar pill, and the belief in the story/spell is what effects the outcome.

That's what wizards and witches do...and sorcerers. The believe in their own spell and ritual so powerfully that it manifests in reality.

Some people...up to 30% at any given time just 'believe' what the doctor says and gets better...the others don't.

Folks, what we believe - about any given topic, and most importantly about yourselves, and who you really are, and what power you really have is SO important...and we give that power away to so many negative beliefs...mostly about ourselves.

All of us, every last person on this planet that has ever lived or every will draw breath is nothing short of an extension of pure positive Source Energy.

Not only all humans, but every weed, flower, bumble bee, cock roach, atom and molecule is also a direct extension of Source.

Your current perception may not allow you to see this...like trying to find the remote on the couch for 2 days and it was there all the time....just like that. For various reasons your mind wouldn't let you perceive it.

(hint...ya gotta believe it to perceive it!)

Source is infinite so there's no use to try and label it or fully explain what IT is. And that's a big load off my mind now...I don't worry about it, I can only perceive so much with my mind at the moment.

You can never get 'outside' of the infinite to see the whole of it...Thus, in this reality you will never be able to perceive it ALL. Therefore, NO ONE has a complete understanding of the All that Is. And that's not wrong... it's just the way it is for now.

We ALL came from the same place.

It's our own creative powers that direct the experiences we perceive at any given time...that and our unique quest we signed up for before entering this arena/playground/college course/earth timeline.

So, as a wizard, what's holding you back? Unbelief? Fear? Negative thoughts, negative energy? Negative information about magic handed down from those that want to hide this realization from you?

I have found that SOOOO much esoteric, 'sacred knowledge' is surrounded by so many scar crows it's amazing. So much about magic in it's many forms is intentionally hidden behind the scar crows of religious bias and creeds..(it's of the devil, satanic, you'll be possessed..etc.) There is negative out there in this realm, but you can't have negative without positive...ya just can't.

You get to choose which ride you want to take.

(example...I was amazed to find out what the symbol of baphomet actually meant...tho ugly as hell, it has nothing to do with satan.)

Still have that amnesia from birth?

Wake up folks! It's ok. For many people out there, soon, there's gonna be a BIG AH HA moment for you. Something you can't explain but KNOW.

At that point you can knock yourself in the head and say
"Gee I could have had a V8!"

It will be kind of like that commercial, but oh so much more sweet.

Have a great night guys! And INTENTIONALLY have a great day tomorrow...regardless of what anyone else around is doing.

It may be your very first intentional creation, knowing you are gonna create magic by intentionally using your thoughts, actions and beliefs to effect the inner you and the outer you.

Your body will thank you for it, and so will everyone else!
Date: 05 Dec 2016


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