What happened to our original universe?


By: gods_bones on 31 November 2016

Okay I think its really time we stop tiptoeing around this issue and start addressing the elephant in the room.

If you are a part of this community, yet for some reason think the Mandela Effect isn't real, or all coincidence ... you don't wanna be in this thread.

So let's get down to brass tax: We are not on the same planet/dimension. I have seen some people even post that the sky, the stars and the sun are all different here, which I have to say I agree with.

So what happened to our original dimension? I have heard 1 very scary theory, that this Mandela Effect was achieved by tearing a hole in the space/time continuum using the Hadron Super Collider (the one located under the mountains of Geneva, Switzerland, and was created under the claim that scientists wanted to isolate the God particle).

This theory basically says that when they used the Hadron Super Collider to open the path to alternate dimensions, a massive explosion caused most life on earth to be destroyed.

There is apparently an estimated 2 billion people on this dimension missing (https://verumetinventa.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/mandela-effect-2-billion-people-are-missing-where-did-they-go/). This theory says those 2 billion are the survivors who never made it to our world, because they lived, but now their earth is ruined, and they are probably being rounded up and enslaved in FEMA camps.

The rest of us? We died. But because the parallel universe was opened, we never got to realize it because our consciousness immediately shifted here after we died in the explosion.

I hope this is not true, but there is absolutely no information I can dig up on news events from our original world. It looks like we are cut off from them for good.
Date: 05 Dec 2016


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