How do I respond to an email, which was sent to me by a very senior person with an apology for replying me late?



I am a student and I want to reply to a person who is a vice president of a very big MNC.
I wrote him about three weeks ago and he has responded to the mail today with an apology for late reply. How should I write him back?

I Googled and Binged a lot. People tell you how to write an apology to boss, nobody tells about writing to an apology by your boss.

Help anyone?

Answer by Partha Choudhury:

He has followed the right email etiquette, and you must thank him for being so humble to you. Write briefly, no need to be unnecessarily verbose.

You may write back something like,

"Thank you very much for taking your precious time to reply my email. Please do not apologize. I can well understand your busy schedule, and appreciate the effort you have taken for writing back."

...and then come to your actual purpose of sending the email to him.
Date: 06 Feb 2017


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