1. Jim Neighbors died when I was younger, me and my dad watched news together when he was still alive.
2.louis Anderson commitment suicide when I was younger, now he is still alive
3. Mandela died when I was in highschool, all black kids wore Africa necklace in 1991
4.Gene Wilder died shortly after his wife passed a while ago
5.(8) continents
6.(5) oceans
7.logos all are diff
8.movies are diff
9.bible is changing
10. bible says the dead will walk amongst us (NOT ZOMBIES) but Ali, Mandela, neighbors, Anderson, wilder, and many more!
11. graphic memories of China man killed by tank at ( t. square)
I have a lot more but name a list of yours please..... My name is James, it's nice to meet you.
Date: 21 Mar 2017


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